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Our commitment to the environment

Our commitment to the environmentWe'll plant a tree to help offset your carbon footprint

For every new Nilfisk scrubber drier or Nilfisk sweeper you purchase from SMS, be-it a micro scrubber drier, pedestrian scrubber drier, pedestrian sweeper, ride on scrubber drier, ride on sweeper or combination sweeeper scrubber, SMS will dedicate and plant a tree in your Company name. It is our way of off-setting some of the Cleaning Industry's carbon footprint to try and help save our environment.

Many Nilfisk scrubber driers incorporate the patented eco-flex cleaning technology that achieves both environmentally sustainable cleaning methods as well as the highest standards of effective cleaning, reducing water consumption by 50% and need for detergents by 35% ensuring a clean environment and minimal resource consumption.

However, even the most eco-friendly scrubber drier leaves it's mark on the natural world through the process of being manufactured, bought, transported and sold, before it has even began to do its job.

If you buy a new Nilfisk pedestrian or ride on scrubber drier or sweeper from SMS, you will receive a certificate of tree dedication and the invitation to go to a tree planting at one of the registered forests - a great opportunity to do your bit for the environment plus get some great PR exposure aswell.

The SMS tree planting initiative, although a small contribution, is helping a much larger cause which we all have a responsibility to support and so we invite you to join us and help more trees to be planted.

NB: Our tree planting is not limited to Nilfisk scrubber dryers only, we will plant trees for all of our new scrubber dryer and sweeper sales. Visit our main website to see more of our range.